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Three different sizes of glass nail files are manufactured, each of them can have either one or two grinding sides, and either both ends rounded or one end pointed and one rounded. Small sized glass nail files are a convenient supplement of handbag outfit. For ordinary usage the medium sized glass nail files are the most suitable. Large sized glass nail files are advantageous for removal of hardened skin on soles and heels. For children and for travel purposes (particularly onboard a plane) to ensure higher level of safety glass nail files with both ends rounded are recommended. Professionals in cosmetic institutes purveying hand and nail care prefer glass nail files with one grinding side, because these do not harm the skin on their hands. 
To increase the aesthetic value of glass nail files various decoration techniques such as colour application, printing, sandblasting, hand painting and engraving can be applied. Coloured glass nail files are available in eleven transparent and eleven dull shades, arbitrary combinations of colours are also practicable. If you want to attach your logo to the glass nail files, printing is the most widely used technique. The technique of sandblasting produces designs with plastic effect and with unlimited lifespan. Frequently signs of the zodiac, animal and flower designs are being sandblasted. Sandblasting is suitable for logo application as well. Hand painting is a traditional Czech way of glass decoration; glass nail files are decorated with a wide range of original motifs. Genuine fine decorations with refined details are created by the technique of engraving. 
Material the glass nail files are made of is crystal (crystal nail files). Such material does not present any health risk. In case of any damage, it is essential to stop using the damaged glass nail file to prevent injury. Even a slight lesion reduces the compactness of a hardened glass object and the glass nail file becomes susceptible to further breakage. It is necessary to avoid contact of coloured glass nail files and glass nail files with printing with organic diluents and temperatures above 250 C, as imperfections in decoration might occur. Small children are allowed to use the glass nail files under supervision of adults only. For children glass nail files with both ends rounded are recommended. 
Glass nail file is a product with outstanding utility properties. The technology of production ensures that the filing surface is created right out of the glass nail file body and that the surface is finely and uniformly roughened. Nail treatment with glass nail files is careful; filing is effective, yet gentle, nails are smooth after treatment. Regular usage of glass nail files prevents undesirable nail chipping. Contrary to ordinary metal or paper nail files, where grinding grains are attached to the base and falling out might occur, the grinding surface of the glass nail files is non-eroding and has an unlimited lifespan. Owing to a hardening technology step, glass nail files proved to have increased mechanical resistance in comparison with common glass objects with similar parameters. Glass nail files are not porous; therefore they cannot absorb water and form an environment for germ multiplying. Glass nail files resist sterilization by any means (heat, liquid and UV lighting), which is very important for professional use.
Glass nail files are eminent for treatment of both natural and artificial nails regardless of their material. For artificial nails it is recommended to dip the glass nail files repeatedly in water while using. Glass nail files are versatile, besides for nails they can be used for removal of hardened skin around nails, on the heels and soles, and for modelers to gentle filing of wood and plastics. Glass nail files are not suitable for metals and other hard materials. Maintenance of the glass nail files is simple. To keep the glass nail files clean, it is sufficient to rinse them in running water after use. To clean dirtier glass nail files employ a brush and detergent. In case of accidental staining of the glass nail files with enamel or grease, organic solvent can be used according to its safety instructions (not applicable to coloured glass nail files and/or glass nail files with printing - see above).

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